SHARP Copiers/Multi-Function Seiko


The award-winning MFP’s we offer from Sharp all contain innovation for stimulating productivity. The latest in Sharp MFP systems have been carefully engineered to help businesses maximize their efficiency while providing outstanding image quality and performance. New models offer advanced features including: high-res touch-screen color displays with graphical menu navigation, full-size keyboards for easy data entry, direct USB printing as well as remote front panels.

Scan2TM technology

Sharp’s high-performance multifunction copiers and document systems deliver superior quality and output. Most models come standard with Scan2 technology, allowing two-sided documents to be scanned in a single pass. This helps allow for maximum productivity with a minimal chance for errors.

All of your presentations, marketing strategies and inventory statements can be scanned, copied, emailed and digitally distributed quicker than ever!

Proven Protection for Confidential Data

Today's copiers are actually advanced servers on your network that can pose risks to you and your business. Printed, copied and scanned documents are stored on the copier hard drive and may be accessed throughout the network. Let us help you understand these risks and what you can do to help protect confidential data.

Sharp OSA® technology

Sharp OSA technology enables you to extract and access key document information, manage usage costs and improve the workflow within your business.

The technology can transform your multi-function printer into a powerful information portal, customizable to the way you do business. You will have fast, flexible access to documents no matter where you are in the office.

Business relies on the free-flow of information every day. Isn't it about time you consider a printer with the technology and flexibility to improve your unique business processes?