Managed Print Services

Gartner Research Group estimates document output is costing up to 5% of a company’s revenue each year. Print is the last unaudited business expense and in most cases this expense is growing.

Additionally, many businesses severely underestimate their total output expenses and needs. They simply look for short term cost savings on supplies, service and hardware; are you looking at the big picture? An overwhelming majority of businesses have no idea how much they’re currently spending, nor do they have measurable cost controls in place; do you?

Gartner’s research also shows that companies who partner with a strategic service provider who will actively manage their fleet can save 10-30% on their hard output costs. That’s why Managed Print Services are becoming standard business practice for CFOs and CIOs in all types of industries all over the world.

Let XBE manage your output devices so you can manage your business.

By managing print requirements effectively, your business can save a significant percentage on your total in-house printing costs. One key step is developing a total print management strategy that can increase your productivity while lowering your operating costs.

What are Managed Print Services (MPS)?

MPS is an outsourced service whereby XBE takes over the management of your entire output fleet and all of the associated costs. –optimize your existing infrastructure

Take control of print decisions with a solution that’s flexible, free and easy to implement. An approach to managing print environments that reduces inventory stocking requirement and IT involvement in print related issues by 60-80%. A process approach that will virtually eliminate transaction costs, improve device performance and utilization, extend equipment life cycles, all while improving end-user uptime! And our services are free to you!

Let XBE manage your output devices so you can manage your business

Program Features include:

  • Remote Management of Print Devices - you pick the service alerts you wish us to manage on your behalf.
  • Complete Asset Tracking of All Devices – Full access to view your print devices and locations in real time.
  • Web based Service Request Capabilities – Request service online with complete tracking of ticket status.
  • Online Service History Reports – Access to full history on all services performed.
  • Device Utilization Reporting – See which devices are being over and under-utilized during any date range.
  • Pages Printed Data on all Print Devices – At a glance view all pages printed by device, model, location, department or cost center.

Let us walk you through the ease of the implementation process!

We make it simple for you to engage our process with the added flexibility of utilizing your existing print assets.
  • No Setup Fees – Customer is not subject to any fees for implementation.
  • Free Appliance or Software Installation – No out of pocket for hardware or software deployment.
  • No Monthly Minimum Fees – Charges only apply to actual services rendered.
  • Centralized Dispatching – All facilitated service requests are dispatched according to customer requirements.
  • National Service Network – Our Service Network can fulfill your local or national print device needs.

Additional Services:

  • Audit Services – We can audit the efficiency and accuracy of your existing vendor services.
  • ROI Analysis – Analyze your true cost-to-print based on actual print volumes and current expenditures.
  • Cost Management Services – The most strategic and cost effective approach to managing print.
    • Supports print device needs while streamlining business processes.
    • Shifts responsibility & accountability of print environment performance.
    • Reduces inefficiencies through automation of manual processes.
    • Detailed understanding of all related print costs.
    • Reduce new equipment acquisition costs.
    • Eliminates inventory carrying costs.
    • Makes print costs fixed and budget-able.
    • Reduces your Total Cost of Ownership.
    • A process management approach to managing print environments.
Let’s explore available engagement options that can positively impact your needs and bottom line!